Costa Rica

Quick Facts:

Location – 

Costa Rica is in Central America, between the countries of Nicaragua and Pamana. Costa Rica has a very long Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

Weather –

The climate in Costa Rica can be described as tropical and can be roughly divided into two seasons – wet and dry. Dry season runs from December through April and wet May through November. Average temperatures don’t actually vary much throughout the year. Altitude affects the weather as well so different regions of Costa Rica experience varying weather at the same time.

Getting around –

Costa Rica’s transportation system is well developed, especially when you are close to the capital of San Jose and other urban centres. Public transportation is a viable option and some tourists also feel comfortable renting cars due to the good state of the roads as well as low crime rates. Taxis are easy to come by as well. Remember that if you have an all inclusive tour booked your transfers to and from the airport are included.

Currency –

U.S. dollars are generally accepted in the tourist areas of Costa Rica. However, visitors venturing beyond the tourist zones should plan to exchange their money for Costa Rican colones. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Language spoken –

The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish and there are a variety of dialects spoken throughout the country. In tourist areas those working in the hospitality industry do speak some English.

Electricity –

The standard electricity supply is 110 volts; therefore you will not need convertors unless you are bringing 220 volt devices (hotels will often offer convertors).

What To Do:

Excursions –

Costa Rica is known to be a haven for travellers looking for adventure as well as eco-tourism. There are no shortage of excursions and activities and many people stay longer than a week and even travel through different regions of the country in order to experience it all.

There are many volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls and rivers which attract tourists.

Arenal Volcano is one of the most well known and visited amongst tourists. It has been in a resting phase since 2010, however before that tourists enjoyed seeing some activity from it! Surrounding the volcano are many photo opportunities as well as activities such as zip lining, hiking and fishing.

Costa Rica is divided in 20 natural parks, 8 biological reserves, and a series of protected areas that captivate ecotourism lovers.

For many more excursion options check your tour operator's website.

Shopping –

When looking for a souvenir to bring back with you remember Costa Rican coffee which is popular and well known. If you like to stroll and shop Avenida Central is an open air pedestrian market in San Jose which offers lots to look at as well as arts and crafts to purchase. If you won’t be travelling as far as San Jose the resort your staying on will often have vendors come by at designated times as well as a small shopping area of its own.

Nightlife –

San Jose has a host of options when it comes to night life. You’ll find plenty of interesting clubs and bars, a wide range of theaters, and some very lively discos and dance salons. Your resort may also offer a disco so if this is important to you do your research ahead of time.

Golf –

There are quite a few golf courses to choose from in Costa Rica if that is what you would like to do while there. In the tourist area of Guanacaste there are courses nearby to use, as always we suggest researching the closest courses and booking tee times ahead of travelling.


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